I am happy to welcome every user who has decided to visit my personal Web site in Internet. I truly hope that your interest will be satisfied or further aroused. I believe that our direct or indirect contact can contribute to our common cultural and professional improvement.

What can you find in this Web site? Above all, the fields I work in - fashion and television, university lectureship and political journalism, advertisement and public relations. One of the most attractive sections is perhaps the celebrities' album of photographs: famous guests in my TV show "Ot Igla Do Konetz" broadcast on New Television - Claudia Cardinale and Anouk Aimee, Ivana Trump and Ester Canadas, Pierre Cardin and Hubert de Givenchy, Carmen Carven and Paco Rabanne, Jean-Louis Scherrer and Daniel Hechter, Alexander McQueen and Olivier Lapidus, Boy George and Brian Ferry.

In addition to my short biography, provided here is a register of my books, publications and TV films, hot news about my new ventures as well as some of the latest interviews with me published in the press. If you like, you can read two views on what I do - of the outstanding Bulgarian historian Prof. Andrei Pantev, Ph.D., and the famous Bulgarian scholar of aesthetics and kitsch Prof. Ivan Slavov. Ph.D.

I am tempted to think that one of the most often visited links will be the fashion calendar offering information on the latest events in fashion design both in this country and abroad.

I would like to extend my special gratitude to the wonderful team of "Techno Logica Mediator" Advertising and Publishing Agency who have done their best to accomplish this idea and achieve such an amazing design.


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