"Ot Igla Do Konetz" with Lubomir Stoykov
- a weekly fashion show on New Television


 P R O G R A M M E

6 October (Saturday), 2001 at 11.00 p.m.

7 October (Sunday), 2001 at 03.30 p.m. - repetition


Annotation: In the fashion kaleidoscope of the fashion show "Ot Igla Do Konetz" with Lubomir Stoykov on New Television, you will have the opportunity to watch:

Rubric "Events"
Reportage from the fashion show of Darya Manchenko and Yordanka Chernaeva's collection: The delight from the show, which was presented not long ago at the Royals restaurant is even more complete owing to the original choice of models - popular and even very popular Bulgarian singers, actresses and television stars, like Kamelia Todorova, Ernestina Shinova, Bilyana Petrinska, Gala, and others.

Rubric "Scents"
Reportage from the premiere presentation of the women's perfume Bvlgari Blue at the Hilton Hotel: the exquisite premiere even attracted the attention of the Italian heir to the crown - King Vittorio Emanuelle di Savoy. Among the guests of the premiere were also the Italian ambassador - His Excellency Alessandro Grafini, Silva Zourleva - chairman of the Board of Directors of New Television, Julia Bul, Anna Sendova, Galya Dicheva, Tsvetelina Ouzounova, baroness Mariana Ghendovich, and many more. The hosts from Everet-Sofia provided an artistic atmosphere with Beloslava's jazz performance who was wearing a necklace made by the famous fashion house.

Rubric "Fashion and Business" (A new rubric!)
What do the fashion journals, television shows and stylistic rubrics in mass media ignore very often? Certainly they do not ignore the models and the photomodels, the news from the fashion catwalks and the latest fashion shows for the season. So what is that thing which remains out of their range? The area they fail to cover is the area of investments and finances, managers' and contractors' actions. We want to fill up this niche and to satisfy the increasing interest in the subject of fashion and business. That is why from this day on we create a new rubric dedicated to exactly these news and events - rubric "Fashion and Business".

Rubric "Hairstyle Design"
An exclusive interview with the emissary of Pantene - the Dutch hairdresser Andy Uffels - a world champion in coiffure.

Rubric "Photomodels"
An interview with Anika Samungi, a photomodel from Ivet Fashion agency who talks in front of the camera and the microphone about the secrets of the modelling profession and shares with us interesting facts about her participation in Pucci's fashion show during the famous show "A Woman under the Stars" that was held on "Spain" square in Rome.

Rubric "Aces"
Reportage from Hanae Mori's fashion show haute couture, autumn-winter 2001-2002. Madame Mori or as she was titled a long time ago - The first lady of the Japanese haute couture, is a faithful follower of her own style: an incessantly enriched cocktail of interpretations on the following subjects - the kimono, Japanese landscape, Madame Butterfly. We must also highlight the fact that her technique of making clothes is getting enriched on an on-going basis but she also never stops to search for new constructive decisions, part of which are associated to the creating of different levels and layers on women's garments.

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